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usually when it comes to haircare it is super personal & not a one sized fits all situation. today is kind of an exception to that rule. when i see clients in the salon, i always ask a series of questions to get to know their hair so I can make the best recommendations for their hair type. but i wanted to share recommendations that EVERYONE can use no matter what your hair type is.

there are 3 hair care products that literally every single person who has hair on their head should be using. shampoo. conditioner. mask. the perfect trifecta for anyone wanting to take amazing care of their hair. using a combo of these 3 products as your normal weekly routine will keep your hair shiny, moisturized & healthy.

ok so first things first, SHAMPOO. not just any shampoo will work tho. we want professional quality products here, drugstore just isn't going to make the cut.

a few reasons i recommend using professional hair care products:

  • they are so much more concentrated, which means you can use less

  • the ingredients are the highest quality & there won't be anything that will harm your hair or scalp

  • your stylist can make personal recommendations based on your hair type

lather up with you favorite professional shampoo (mine is Kevin Murphy) & try to limit washing to 2-3 times a week

next up is CONDITIONER. once again, you'll want to find high quality products here.i like to use conditioners to treat any problems you're having with your hair, like dryness or damage.

a rule of thumb i like to go off of is, shampoo for the hair you have & condition for the hair you want. for example: if you have fine hair that is damaged, you would choose a light weight or volumizing shampoo with a repairing conditioner.

remember to condition from your ears down, if you bring the conditioner too high you'll end up with greasy roots. leave the conditioner in your hair for 5 minutes or so, it doesn't hurt to let it absorb a little extra. I also like to keep a wide tooth comb in my shower to evenly distribute the product. if you do this just make sure you are gentle, our hair is more fragile when it's wet.

& last but maybe most important, WEEKLY MASK. adding a hair mask to your weekly routine can do so many amazing things for your hair! masks can concentrate on a variety of different hair concerns from moisture to damage to color enhancing. choose what ever it is that your hair needs most! i wear extensions so i love to do masks that add moisture and shine to my hair. if you use a lot of heat on your hair try something that will repair. if you have highlights try a blonde treatment that helps tone & adds hydration. every ones hair needs something different but we can all benefit from a weekly hair mask, plus it totally counts as self care.


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