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Charcoal for Beauty

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Charcoal. Not just for your bbq (LOL).

All joking aside - have you tried? This mysterious black powder has been used for countless things. From emergency toxin removal in hospitals to whitening your teeth, from skin problems to hangover cure. I mean, after all my research I feel like, what can't charcoal do?

Basically, charcoal is all about the DETOX.

I started using activated charcoal in my beauty routine almost a year ago. At first, I was just using it to brush my teeth, and since then have found so many uses for it. Since I have been trying this charcoal thing out for a while I thought I'd share a few of my favorite ways to use it!

Before we get into it, a few things you should know about charcoal.

-not all charcoal is created equal. I like to use organic, activated coconut charcoal. I'm using THIS ONE from Amazon.

-it is used in hospitals to remove heavy doses of toxic chemicals from the body.

-don't over do it. A little charcoal goes a long way - test in small amounts.

-you can find it in powder and pill form.

-be careful, it can get a little messy ;)

Ok. Now for the fun stuff. Here are my favorite ways to use activated coconut charcoal.

Brushing My Teeth + Oil Pulling

This is the first way I incorporated charcoal into my beauty routine. Oil pulling is when you put about a tablespoon of oil (i use coconut) in your mouth and swish it around for 5-15 minutes. This draws out toxins from your mouth/gums, and when you add charcoal to the coconut oil it's even better. For this I like to use THESE premade packets. It makes for a much easier situation bright and early in the morning - which is the most ideal time to oil pull.

I also use the activated coconut charcoal on its own to brush and whiten my teeth. I just keep a small jar of the powder in my bathroom and dip my toothbrush into it. I especially like to do this at night because I know I won't be eating anything after I brush my teeth.

So not only is the charcoal a natural way to whiten your teeth but it's also going to keep your gums and mouth healthy over all. Win, win.

DIY Face Mask

I have struggled with my skin almost my whole life, so I am always on the hunt for the perfect skin care solutions. I looove a good charcoal/detox face mask. I have tons of them. I noticed one of the common ingredients in my masks is charcoal, and I'm all about a diy beauty product so I made my own. I will typically use this mask 1 or 2 times a week. It draws out dirt, oils, and makeup from the skin leaving you feeling super clean. I swear after I use a charcoal mask, my pores are half the size. I even use this mask as an over night spot treatment. It works wonders.

I kept this diy charcoal face mask pretty simple, with only 2 ingredients.

diy charcoal face mask

2 tsp water

2 tsp activated coconut charcoal

*mix the water and charcoal together in a small bowl. you should have a watery paste consistency-add more of either ingredient if necessary.

*apply a thin layer (I do this with a clean makeup brush) and let dry for 10 minutes. rinse off and moisturize.

PS. Sometimes I'll double or triple the recipe and keep in a closed container to use throughout the week.

Dirty Lemonade

Charcoal works like a magnet that toxins are drawn to. Which is why it works so well in your body to remove toxic chemicals. I know, we all aren't going around drinking toxic chemicals, but think about it . . . too many margaritas last night? hit the taco bar too hard? Hello DIRTY LEMONADE! Alcohol and greasy foods can make you feel like shit. Technically these foods and drinks are somewhat toxic to our bodies - that is why we get hang overs and feel super bloated and puffy after eating a bad/greasy meal. This black lemon-y drink is your answer to hang overs and bloating. The charcoal helps to remove the bad stuff from your body, leaving you less bloated. The fresh lemon juice is amazing for a gentle detox and tired skin. Plus your hydrating by drinking lots of water. I don't like to drink dirty lemonade too often though, only occasionally. I just feel like your body doesn't need major detoxing every day.

Oh and, charcoal has no taste - so this drink really does taste like lemonade.

Here's a fun little recipe for dirty lemonade.

20 oz water

1tsp activated coconut charcoal

1 lemon, juiced

1tsp honey *otpional (if you like sweeter, add a little more)

*mix everything in a large cup and enjoy. maybe add a little ice? sometimes I'll add fresh mint leaves. whatever you want!

So tell me. Have you tried activated charcoal for beauty? Do you have a favorite way to use it?



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