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Choosing the best mask for your hair

the perfect, sometimes forgotten, addition to your weekly hair routine. HAIR MASKS. we mask our face so why wouldn't we mask our hair too?!

it has been a weekly ritual for me for a while now & my hair thanks me for it! so we know hair masks are good to use, but how do you choose the right one for your hair?


first, you want to identify any concerns you are having with your hair. or even something you want to enhance. for exam

ple: maybe you want to enhance shine? maybe you are feeling extra dry these days?


once you know what you want out of your mask, you can choose the right one for you! here's a few tips when choosing:

♥if you wear extensions or use a lot of heat on your hair try a moisture intense mask. when our hair lacks moisture you will start to feel like your ends are sort of 'crunchy' (lol weird way to describe hair, but you know what i mean right). with extensions, its basically dead hair so it has no other way to get moisture unless you use products that are moisture enhancing.

♥ if you color / balayage / highlight your hair often try something with repairing properties. when we lighten & color our hair it begins the break down the natural structure of the hair. adding protein back into the hair will help strengthen and rebuild the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair.

♥ if your blonde color is feeling dull or brassy try a blonde treatment that helps cancel out unwanted tones. in salon toners are only meant to last about 4-6ish weeks so using a toning mask will help prolong the life of your color. all of my favorite blonde products also have repairing ingredients so its like a two for one.


everyone’s hair needs something different but we can all benefit from a weekly hair mask, plus it totally counts as self care!


i’m here to help if you need advice on what type of mask to use!

xx kayla




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