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Hair Wash Day..what a bore

so here we are - the dreaded hair washing day. i don't know about you, but i try to avoid washing my hair as much as i possibly can. it's just so annoying to do & honestly, it's kind of boring..right?!

i'm going to walk you through my routine & hopefully you can pick up a few tips to make this dreaded task a little less dreadful.

ok, let's get into it. here is what hair washing day looks like for me:


currently i'm loving kevin murphy angel wash. this one works for my hair which is baby fine & it doesn't weigh it down. sometimes i'll switch it up with a detox shampoo. this is very much necessary like once a month. the detox shampoo removes product build up, exfoliates your scalp & just really gets all the crap out of your hair. this also helps if you ever have a flaky scalp.

i should also note that before i get in the shower i make sure to brush my hair. i don't want to get into the shower with a tangled rats nest you know. & i'm always using a wet brush for this.


i like to switch off using a regular conditioner or a mask. i use a mask about once a week or every other week. just depends on what i feel my hair needs at the moment. i don't ever use both on the same day tho.

my go to conditioner is kevin murphy hydrate me. i loove a super moisturizing conditioner especially since i wear extensions. my fav mask at the moment is also by kevin murphy. after i use this mask my hair literally feels like butter. so soft, silky & shiny - what more do we need? plus there's something about taking the time to do a hair mask that feels luxurious. #selfcare


ok. now that we are done washing & conditioning its time to prep the hair for styling. first thing i love to use is some kind of spray leave in dangler. & i'm using this before i actually brush my hair - we don't want to cause damage/breakage by ripping a brush through our hair.

after my hair is brushed out i'll use a volumizing spray. i typically concentrate this on top at my roots where i need the most volume.

& my last step to prep my hair is a thermal protectant. this is SO important! blow dryers and other hot tools will burn our hair if we aren't using something to protect it, so i make sure to not skip this step.

my last tip for hair wash day - make it special. i know what you're thinking - there's nothing special about washing our hair. i challenge you to find products that excite you, that smell amazing & make it feel like you're treating yourself. i mean, do a face mask while your hair mask is on! i'm all about making boring every day things a little more fun.

all these steps kind of become second nature once you find those key go to products & you have a routine. whether you blow dry your hair or let it air dry you can follow these steps on your wash days.

& now it's time to blow dry & style!

click here to watch a quickie tutorial on how to give yourself a blow out!


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