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Shaving Your Face: Everything You Need to Know

Let's talk about shaving our faces, shall we ? I feel like this topic isn't talked about much, like it's a dirty little secret that, as women, we shave our face. I've been doing this since I was 15 years old.

my mom introduced me to a little gem called a tinkle razor. they're these super tiny single blade face razors. i'm pretty sure they're meant to trim up around your eyebrows and get rid of upper lip peach fuzz. but i like to take it to my ENTIRE face..avoiding the eyebrows of course!


let's break down the benefits:

♥︎ makeup lays soo smooth

♥︎ EXFOLIATION. so important. it helps cell turnover which = smooth skin & anti aging

♥︎ skin care products absorb way better (bonus if you're cold rolling over your products)

♥︎ gets rid of unwanted hair & peach fuzz (goodbye upper lip mustache)

♥︎ prevents wrinkles

♥︎ you don't risk hyper pigmentation from waxing

♥︎ glowy, dewy plump skin

now i know you're dying to ask...but doesn't the hair grow back darker & thicker?!

no. at least not in my experience. and like i said, i've been at this face shaving thing for a while now.

i do this once a week & usually at night. i feel like i don't want to put makeup on immediately after.

make sure to take your makeup off and wash your face first. then i like to put a little facial oil on & go to town with my tinkle razor. your skin will be smooth and ready for your serums and moisturizers.

shaving your face is an inexpensive (they're like $4 for a 3 pack on amazon) way to get ultra glowy, youthful skin. if you're not shaving your face, you really should get on board.




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